Collection: Hand-Painted Cards by Ralph Ingleton

Unique one-of-a-kind hand painted original watercolour artwork by Ralph Ingleton.

Ralph Ingleton learned about responsibility and independent education at an early age as a member of a large family in southern Ontario. His love of nature was apparent to those around him; he would often give detailed reports on the behaviours of birds, animals, and fish. His talent for drawing and painting the things he loved became well known in the community. By the time he was ten, he was producing paintings for relatives, friends, and his elementary school. Later, he taught himself to carve in both wood and stone.

Ralph believes that to maintain a healthy environment we must learn to love and respect the earth and do our part to support the life on which we all depend. In his professional teaching career, he devoted his life to that end, and now as a full-time artist he portrays the magic and wonder of our world through art in the hope of helping to further understanding and appreciation.

Ralph is a wonderful friend to Camp Kawartha and believes in our mission of fostering stewards of all ages. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to supporting our programs at Camp Kawartha. 

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