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Artisan Wood Magnet

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  • Made from eastern white cedar,
  • 2 1/2'' diameter, 1/2" thick
  • Large magnet on back of wooden rounds.
  • Imprinted with 'Camp Kawartha'

Each work is designed manually by the craftsman Guy Bernier. 

"Guy Bernier is a Quebec artisan born in the Rimouski region. He is one of the rare craftsmen specialized in the illustration on wooden logs. The essence of the wood used is specific to his native region, the eastern white cedar. Most of his works are both decorative and didactic, accompanied by a descriptive sheet of the illustrated subject. The subjects in the spotlight are the fauna and flora of Quebec and Canada and the astrology of nature according to Native American, Celtic and naturalistic beliefs. His knowledge of ornithology led him to create an exclusive series of bird astrology."

"The basic medium is primarily eastern white cedar (western Thuja). The tree is chosen and recovered in an ecological way and the harvest must be done at a precise period of the year, that is to say descending from the moon. The selection of the tree is made according to specific characteristics; its size, shape, bark, hue and wrinkles. The drying technique is essential and requires special attention to prevent the log from cracking. Cutting, sanding, fretwork and assembly are done with care by hand, using the least hardware possible."

"The graphical technique used for logs is the drawing with technical pen, colored pencils and computer. The images are then applied by a rolling process to selected logs based on their shapes, colors and textures. A surface treatment is finally applied to amplify the brightness of the images and make them water-repellent."

Description from Guy Bernier's webpage.