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Educational Games

Professor Noggin card games are a fun way to learn about many of your favourite subjects. From nature to history to science, there is bound to be a card game to entertain any child. Kids can play Professor Noggin card games solo, simply as informational cards, or against other players. There are 30 cards in each box, with a total of 180 choices. Half the questions are categorized as easy and the other half are hard, this allows children of various ages or knowledge to play together. It's a great card game to play during or after dinner and it's easy enough to take to a friend's house to play. Because each Professor Noggin card game has the same game play, it makes it easy for kids to add card games to their collection and start playing right away. Winner of over 15 awards!

Video - Behind the Scenes of Professor Noggin's Award Winning Card Games

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