Care Package Instructions

Shop online as usual, then before you proceed to the final check out, be sure to click "View Cart"  and use the Order Notes box to indicate the Camper's Name & Session, and when you get to the delivery method page, select "Summer Camp Care Package (to be given to child at camp)".


Order Notes for Camper Care Packages

On the 'Your cart' page, use the Order Notes box to provide the Camper's First & Last Name, along with the Camp Session. Include the Cabin name if known. 

For Overnight Camper, you can include a short message to your child and indicate how you would like to sign the note. We will print it out and include it in the care package. (e.g. Here's a little surprise just to say hello. Love Mom & Dad")

More than one child? No problem, you are welcome to combine your items into one order, and include instructions in the Notes box, telling us which items are to go to each camper. You can also email instructions to  Be sure to reference the order number when emailing us.


Select Delivery Method

Select the option "Summer Camp Care Package (to be given to a child at Camp)" on the list of delivery methods.  Care packages are delivered to campers' cabins while they are at camp. They will not be shipped to your home.


Delivery to Campers

Care packages for Overnight Campers will be given to campers during their stay at camp through our camper mail system (weekdays, Mon-Fri). 

Online orders for Day Campers will be given to the Day Camp staff, who will in turn give it to you.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing & delivery of care packages to campers. E.g. If you would like your child to receive their pkg on the first day of their camp session (Mon), please submit your order by the Thursday prior. 

If you have any questions, please email