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Camp Kawartha Carabiner Keyring with screw lock

Camp Kawartha Carabiner Keyring with screw lock

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These handy carabiners can be used as keyrings or to hook items onto your backback.

Usage Ideas

  • Clip your keys or small items to your pant's belt loop
  • Connect gear to your backpack - hook a carabiner onto your water bottle, flashlight, binoculars, sunscreen bottle, etc for easy access while hiking
  • Clip sandals or flipflops together; hang wet shoes on outside of pack
  • Hook through grommets of a tarp and attach it to a tree for some instant shade.
  • Hang items from a tree branch while camping; 
  • Hang items inside your tent
  • Attach carabiner to the ends of an elastic stretch cord, for use as a portable clothesline while camping
  • Air-dry your swimsuit


WARNING: All Munkees' Carabiners are designed to hold light items like keys or water bottle, and are NOT SUITABLE for climbing purpose.  Using Munkee's carabiners for climbing will lead to serious injury of the climber.

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